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Tour is the movement or travel with an intention of touring. A person who visits a destination with this intention is known as a tourist. The act of travelling to a certain destination with an aim of touring is known as tourist.

It is the duty of a travel agent to provide the customers or tourists with impartial advice and information. However this is disappearing with the flooding of this market and lack of focus by some of these agencies while I others it is disappearing with the greed to make a lot of money and lack of public relations skills in most of the agencies. Some make their agencies to have a concept that is something close to holiday supermarkets where customers are given brochures and books to read on their own and later book for their holidays or buy tickets over the counter. Changes in a number economic and social factor have participated in developing this concept especially with the emergence of low cost and no frill airlines.

Tour Packages:

South India tour 10 Nights / 11 Days Starting From: ` 69,999/-

Attractive North India Tour 12 nights in Rs 45,930 per person with very high quality of services

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There are a variety of tour packages available in India. Coral Reef is one example of a package and it comprises of s holiday tour, ship based, and takes five days and it is conducted by M.V Tipusultan on board. Tourists who take this package visit three islands namely; Kalpeni, Minicoy, and Kavaratti.

Most of the tour packages in India allow online booking and reservations while others accept cash in delivery. Though the availability of reviews about different companies on a number of websites, tourists should be able to compare and make a proper decision on the best deal when planning for a tour to India.

There are a variety of reasons for touring India that may include all excursions and sightseeing as great escapades like a visit to the historic wonders like Buddhist monasteries and Gompas as well as river rafting. There are other activities that are included in these tours like water sports, swimming and snorkeling. India has ideal destinations for culture, relaxation, and adventure. These destinations are known for their gentle houseboat cruises along sultry back waters, laid back beaches and the credible elephant rides. The tourists identify the places they want to visit in the country and the amount of money they are willing to spend or their budget and the rest is done by the tour agencies.

Though the availability of reviews about different destinations in India on a number of websites, tourists should be able to compare and make a proper decision on the best deal when planning for a tour to India. Most of the tour travel service agencies in the world focus on exploring the identity of the region and its cultural heritage, also promotes the development of travel experience to use as an allegory to help promote in the creation of the ideal travel meaning. Tourism industry in India works hand in hand with other industries like the hospitality, the migration, and other industries to ensure that tourists are very comfortable during their tour and that the industry develops.

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