Czech Republic Tour Operators

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Inex-cestovní kancelář s.r.o., 21 years in the tourism market in the Czech Republic Czech company with knowledge mentality of our clients bus and air tours tours around the world specialist for sightseeing tours and accommodation throughout Europe and both buses and airplanes 222 521 774 Praha Italská 8, 120 00 Praha 2    Contact
CK Blue Sky Travel s.r.o. Blue Sky Travel sro, tour operator, has properly concluded an agreement on mandatory contractual insurance for bankruptcy under the provisions. § 6 et seq. Act no. 159/1999 Coll. Czech insurance company with business as Blue Sky Travel sro is a member of ACK CR (Association of Travel Agents). CK Blue Sky Travel has premises both in the city center close to Masaryk Station (opening hours from Monday to Friday 9-18 h) and by the Slovak Republic in Bratislava (9-17 h Opening hours Monday to Friday). : 222 220 210 Praha Opletalova 57, 3. patro, 110 00 Praha 1    Contact
cestovní kancelář Čedok a.s. Čedok brand is the oldest Czech travel agency operating in the market continuously since 1920. The abbreviation Čedok (Czechoslovak travel and transportation office) society was first used in 1926 and immediately became a symbol of innovation and success. Already in the 20s Čedok the tradition of Czech tourists traveling on the Dalmatian coast. In the mid-30s creates a strong position in the domestic market travel as a reliable partner for foreign tourists heading to the Czechoslovak Republic and provides foreign exchange services including the sale of all types of tickets. 221 447 111 Praha Na Příkopě 18, 11135 Praha 1    Contact
FIRO-tour a.s. FIRO-tour constantly monitors trends in travel is one of the market leaders and trends indicates. It also opens the Czech market new, previously unavailable destination. Given the volumes of purchased services and the amount of clients handled more than a hundred thousand people a year are FIRO-tour in many foreign destinations dominant representative of the Czech market. +420 474 606 606 Chomutov Nám. 1.máje 94 430 01 Chomutov    Contact
CK FISCHER, a.s. Travel agency FISCHER - on- line sale of tours , last minute deals , airline tickets , hotels , and other services . Holidays by the sea - summer and winter - residential and … +420 221 636 342 Praha Na Strži 65/1702, 140 62 Praha 4    Contact
Greece Tours, s.r.o. Travel agency GREECE TOURS PRAGUE was founded in the spring of 1990, from the beginning was the main objective of specialization in Greece - its natural beauty, history and culture. (420) 724 241 584 Praha Dlouhá 50, 110 00, Praha 1    Contact
Jihospol tours Travel agency Jihospol Tours Ltd. was established in 1998 in the Czech market already has a 16-year tradition as a specialist in custom residential air tours to Greece, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Over the 16 years of its scope we transported on holiday more than 50,000 satisfied clients. 602 642 386 Praha Maroldova 1604, 250 82 Úvaly (Praha-východ)    Contact
MEGA TRAVEL s.r.o. Accommodation for groups in Croatia and Cyprus . Croatia luxury villas right on the seashore significant discounts for groups of persons + free most popular resorts of the Adriatic quiet resort with sandy or sandy beaches Cyprus 300 sunny days a year and the summer from April to November ! Warm sea , stable weather , delicious cuisine and very welcoming Cypriots . After 3.5 hours of comfortable flight, you will find yourself in paradise . beautiful beaches with fine white sand Ancient monuments and many interesting trips with Czech guide golf all year round Diving and water sports biking and hiking in the mountains , for those who are already sick of it just on the beach 777 110 623 dubna cestovní agentura, nám. 28. dubna 2    Contact
Marco Polo International, Ltd. Limited Liability Company Marco Polo International was founded in 1990. For more than 15 years on the Czech and Slovak market, we have established a position as the best expert for making trips to exotic countries and the position of quality partner for training mission +420 241718646 Praha Petrská 23, 110 00 Praha 1    Contact
CK Premium cestovní kancelář Travel agency PREMIUM provides comprehensive services for all lovers of individual travel. Among our clients are mostly businessmen, sportsmen, artists and more. +420 222 967 060 Praha Cíglerova 1084/20 198 00 Praha 9    Contact
SIAM TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL s.r.o. Travel agency Siam Travel International will, in cooperation with European insurance companies and brings european standards in solving your warranty. Now apply to all our clients ITQ code, which is used in the most advanced long-term Western Europe. The system guarantees a transparent and unified solution for your warranty. +420 255 700 869 Praha Myslíkova 12 (Na Zderaze 15), 120 00 Praha 2    Contact
TIME TRAVEL CREATIVE TEAM Our approach is to create a year-round trips to exotic destinations, which will be for clients not only a place of rest and knowledge, but also an inspiration. We try to listen to the wishes of individual clients and as much as possible our offer closer to their dream of a fabulous holiday. Therefore we choose luxury hotels offer excellent service and cooperate with reputable airlines are trying to sweeten their passengers often very challenging routes and high-quality services to the greatest possible comfort. Passenger comfort starts on board our major partners, including in particular the Emirates Airlines, China Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and many others. For many years, we are the proud representatives of the Jordanian Royal Airlines Royal Jordanian Airlines for the Czech and Slovak Republics. + 420 261 21 9316-19 Praha Na Zámecké 11, 140 00 Praha 4 - Czech Republic    Contact
VENUS TRADE AND TOURS spol. s r.o. For 25 years, VTT specializing in Greece , Greek islands and Cyprus . All places familiar , available destinations and hotels during the year repeatedly visit and reviewed , we will always be able to offer in the category best. Quality does not have to be expensive. Thanks to long-term cooperation with our business partners, we succeeded in season 2014 despite rising costs and unfavorable situation in the tourism sector to cut prices almost all tours ! And this without sacrificing the quality or reduce services to you at VTT long accustomed . +420 224 919 176 Praha Ječná 10, 120 00 Praha 2,    Contact
VIAMARE s. r. o. Viamare, spol. s ro is the Czech travel agency that was founded in 1992. Since its inception the Viamare specializes in residential air tours to Greece and the Greek islands. (+420) 242 489 351 Praha Francouzská 16, 120 00 Praha 2    Contact
ESO travel a.s., ESO travel is today the largest Czech travel agency specializing in remote exotic destination. Offer exotic trips includes almost 136 countries and is unmatched in the Central European region. ESO travel annually publishes catalogs 8, which have a combined 1,840 pages attractive reading. The company currently employs 40 employees and several dozen guides and delegates who are among the best in our country .. +420 233 377 711 Praha Coronation 22, 170 00 Praha 7    Contact
CKALEX s.r.o. And categorization of accommodation facilities in destinations to the standards and quality benchmarks set out by the local administrative authority. Please note that differences exist not only between the standards valid in the Czech Republic and at the destination, but also between the resorts themselves. Conditions in individual facilities, we have professionally assessed and for better orientation 257 312 447 Praha Nekázanka 4 -původně pobočka Preslova 110 00 - Praha 1    Contact
EMMA Agency spol. s r.o. Tradition and experience - more than 20 years preparing tours for you. Quality and satisfaction - we focus on mid to high end of the provided services. You can read some testimonials of our customers . +420 542 214 343 Kozí cestovní kancelář Kozí 10, 602 00 Brno    Contact
Czech Airlines Handling, a.s. Not Available Pursuant to article 1 section 2, article 61 et seq. and article 154 et seq. of Act no. 125/2008 Coll. on transformation of commercial companies and cooperatives (hereinafter referred to as "Transformation Act") the companies HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, a.s., ID. No.: 618 60 336, with the registered office in Prague 6, Jana Kašpara 1069/1, post code 160 08 (hereinafter referred to as “HOLIDAYS”) and CSA Services, s.r.o., ID. No.: 250 85 531, with the registered office in Prague 6, Za Teplárnou 1111/3, post code 160 08 (hereinafter referred to as “CSAS”), as the dissolved companies, merged with the company Czech Airlines Handling, a.s., ID. No.: 256 74 285, with the registered office in Prague 6, Aviatická 1017/2, post code 160 08 (hereinafter referred to as “CSAH”), as the Successor company (hereinafter referred to as “Merger”). +420 220 111 111 Prague Jana Kaspara 1069/1 160 08 Prague 6    Contact
m plus travel, a.s In cooperation with our partner agency , we have prepared a new eurovíkend Malta !!! - Wonderful architectural monuments in the capital city Valletta - The oldest megalithic structures in the world - The possibility of trips to the fabulous islands of Gozo and Comino +420 475 211 402 Masarykova 57 | Ústí nad Labem    Contact
SNAIL TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL a.s. Travel agency SNAIL TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL as operating in our market for 16 years and was founded in 1998 as a specialized agency in the area of ​​Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking countries. Excellent knowledge of all of these sites allows us to get the best advice and help with choosing your holiday. +420 224 813 926 Praha Veleslavínova 6, 110 00 Praha 1    Contact
TRAVEL 2002, spol. s r. o. Travel agency TRAVEL 2002 was founded in 1990. The company agent are Ing. Martina and Jana Enderlová Múčková. Activities of travel agencies began offering package tours abroad, which was soon extended to holidays at sea. As one of the first, we offer our clients a residential trips departing from Brno. 542 210 102 Brno Moravské nám. 4 , 602 00 Brno    Contact
EXIM TOURS as EXIM tours for several years confirms its economic results in the leading position on the Czech market tourism. In 2007, he became the biggest Czech tour operator when the ladder of success placed before the company Čedok. 841 115 115 Praha Revolutionary 23, 110 00 Praha    Contact
Nikolas tours a.s. 596 134 000 Ostrava Nádražní 822/124, Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava, PSČ 702 00, Czech Republic    Contact
Cestovní kancelář Marted s.r.o. 558 325 074 Třinec náměstí Svobody 528 739 61 Třinec    Contact
Quality Tours s.r.o. QUALITY TOURS Travel Agency Ltd. was established in the Czech Republic in 1999. Our services have previously focused on providing services to foreign clients in the Czech Republic and in neighboring countries. +420 226 259 060-2 vložka Společnost je zapsána u MS Praha. oddíll C, vložka 72095    Contact