Morocco Tour Operators

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Your Morocco Tour Traveling by train in Morocco is efficient, cheap and comfortable. We believe it is a better option than travelling by bus. Overnight express trains are available to select destinations (Tangier to Marrakech, etc..). For schedules and fares go to National Office of the Railroads of Morrocco. Morocco travel for long distance buses are usually air-conditioned and comfortable Tickets can be purchased at the bus depots. The most popular bus company are Supratours, CTM and SATAS. Petit (in town) or grand (between towns) taxis should have a meter reader to gauge fares. Otherwise, negotiate the price in advance. Be clear and upfront with drivers to establish a fair cost and prevent gauging. The minimum driving age is 21. Moroccan roads are patrolled by police and customs roadblocks are not uncommon. Please be aware of local laws, check the Morocco Country Specific Information. Car hire in Morocco can be expensive. +212 662 344 816 Morocco PO Box 168,Roslyn Heights, NY 11577,Morocco    Contact