Romania Tour Operators

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Karpaten Turism Our mission is to maintain our position as leader on the local Romanian tourism market and please each client and partner. We aim to improve the tourism in Romania, to make every request and wish come true and to innovate the programs. Our goal is to satisfy our clients and to offer them unforgettable moments. 0040 021 322 04 35 Bucuresti Str. Teleajen nr. 77A, Sector 2, Bucuresti, 021466    Contact
CHRISTIAN TOUR The travel agency Christian Tour sold holidays worth over EUR 1 million during the most recent tourism fair in Bucharest 0040 212 700 091 Bucuresti 23 Mihail Kogalniceanu Avenue, Bucuresti, Romania.    Contact
Calibra Travel The European Union stretches over the continent of Europe from Lapland in the north to the Mediterranean Sea and the west coast of Ireland to the shores of Cyprus : a rich tapestry of landscapes from rocky cliffs to sandy beaches , from fertile pastureland to arid plains , from lakes and forests to arctic tundra . 0264-417991 Cluj Napoca 400162 Cluj Napoca, Str. Croitorilor nr.24    Contact
Fibula Air Travel S.R.L. 0264.430.295 Bucuresti Calea Serban Voda, nr. 22-24, Sector 4, Bucuresti    Contact
Prestige Tours Romania is a hidden gem of Eastern Europe: scenic landscapes, a rich cultural heritage, rural areas and ... Discover all these treasures with Prestige Tours. (+4) 021.307.65.50 Bucuresti Polonă 68 Business Center, str. Polonă, Nr. 68-72 etaj 4, sector 2, Bucuresti, Romania    Contact
Prompt Service Tours Operating since 1997 as a private company, PROMPT SERVICE TOURS is a licensed incoming tour operator to Romania, located in Bucharest, … +40 21 3151426 Bucuresti 101 Dr. Iacob Felix Str. Bl. 19, Sc. B, Apt. 56 Sector 1, cod postal 11036 Bucuresti, Romania    Contact
Adtour Tour operator travel agency. Offers: accommodation in Bucharest and in the country in hotels, villas, boarding house, week-ends in Bucharest, guided tours in country, boat cruise in Danube Delta, treatment in spa resorts in Romania, accommodation to the Black Sea, roundtrips Romania, adventure tours in Romania 004 0744 327 138 Bucuresti Calea Grivitei 192, Sector 1 Bucuresti, Romania    Contact
AEROTRAVEL LUFTHANSA CITY CENTER With a 16-year+ dynamic business history and more than 100,000 clients each year, Aerotravel Lufthansa City Center is one of the top 3 Romanian travel agencies. In 2013, Aerotravel had a € 34,000,000 total volume of sales, achieved by our outstanding team of 116 travel professionals. Aerotravel is active in three main travel segments: business travel, tour operator and leisure travel. The business travel department provides middle and large companies with tailored travel solutions, at highest industry standards. Aerotravel can deliver in Romania and abroad a comprehensive set of services: air ticketing, hotel booking, own and partners’ leisure products and services, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events, product launches, team buildings, as well as river and ocean cruises. In addition, Aerotravel makes sure that corporate clients have access to 24/7 travel assistance, rent-a-car, airport transfers, travel insurance, VIP benefits, and a fast visa processing where needed. +40 (0) 21 313 74 85 Bld. Nicolae Balcescu nr.26, Sector 1, cod postal: 010054    Contact
Atlantic Tour Over the last 5 years, the travel market has gone through major changes due to the influence of globalization and the wider availability of Internet. Our clients, however, continue to contact us and request our services, as they are familiar with our excellent reputation and the high standard of the services we provide. +40 21 312 77 57 Bucharest Calea Victoriei 202 010098 Bucharest, Romania    Contact
CMB Travel Tourism & Ticketing. 021 311 3107 Bucuresti Bdul Nicolae Balcescu 20 Sector 1, Bucuresti, ROMANIA    Contact
S.C. COLIBRI S.A Our agency offers the classic trips and routes unusual and unexpected opportunity to fulfill a dream holiday : passionate … (+4) 0256 201200 TIMISOARA Episcop Augustin Pacha Nr. 10, Birou Nr. 4 (SAD 4) 300055 TIMISOARA, ROMANIA    Contact
Eurolines Find now where are placed the main Eurolines agencies around the country. Through its agencies, Eurolines submits to the general public a wide range of tourism products. The Eurolines agencies are strategically placed in the most important cities of the country. 031.4018.888 Bucharest Al. I Cuza Street nr. 5A Bucharest - 1    Contact
SC EUROTRAVEL SRL With over 15 years experience in the field of tourism, our team can provide concise and clear, complete. We specialize to provide any kind of holiday, business trips, leisure or group that fits best to your requirements. +40-21-231.4406 Bucharest 23-23A, Calea Grivitei, Bucharest    Contact
HappyTour. Founded in 1996. From the end of 2007, the company is owned 100% of GED, a Spanish investment fund. Happy Tour, the last nine years in a row, is proud to be the leading provider of business travel services in Romania. We are recognized nationally and continually try to deliver innovative solutions for your travel needs. Even if you search an integrated service solutions for travel or just relaxing opportunities, our team is eager to provide its expertise and resources. (+40) 21 307 06 00 Bucuresti Polona Business Center, Strada Polona 68-72, Receptia 2, Etaj 4, Sector 1, Bucuresti - ROMANIA    Contact
SC Fortuna Business Travel SRL Fortuna Business Travel is a travel agency tour operator , founded in 2001 . We managed to impose as favorite among customers through flexibility that we prove in relation to these . Also, conferences, corporate parties, conferences , seminars, team-building programs , product launches , incentive sites with choosing the best locations at the best price . Clearly, agency efforts are channeled towards achieving our customers' satisfaction , the only basis on which our business can grow in a competitive environment . +4 0744.333.432 Bucuresti Bdul Regina Maria nr. 19, Ap. 1, sector 4, Bucuresti    Contact
Icar Tours Along with internal and external travel services , car rental and presentations of tourism programs are included information about the company and … +4 0241 553 790 Constanta Bd. Tomis, Nr. 130, Jud Constanta, 900657    Contact
Inter Tours 0265.264.011 Turism in Romania.    Contact
S.C. LA PIOVRA TURISTA S.R.L. Travel agency tour operator La Piovra tourist, tourism license nr.1436 exist on the Romanian market for almost 20 years being founded in 1992. In these two decades, we have learned , first , to hear our customers to understand what they want and they are the targets and thus grow together with them. And this is an ongoing process. The result is that we have diversified , becoming a team of experts in tourism and organizing events , a travel agency truly full-service . (004) 021.327.29.09 parter B-dul. Corneliu Coposu (fost Calarasi) nr.4, bl.105A, sc.1, parter    Contact
S.C. INTER-TOUR S.R.L. : 0234–571104; Sediul Bld Alexandru cel Bun nr. 1, 600057, România    Contact
LAR Tours Our company can boast a constant presence in the landscape of Romanian tourism , starting the business since 1994 we , year in our country barely beginning to get used to the air of freedom. The initial project involved setting up an airline even , LAR - Romanian Air Lines based on two aviation professionals , Dorin Ivascu and Basil Brancus . Although tourism remains our core business , we like to believe that this project will see the light of day at a time . +40 21 3111252 Bucuresti tr. Bejamin Franklin, nr. 16 Cod postal: 072202 Sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania    Contact
Marshal Turism Marshal Tourism is a well-known brands in the tourism market in Romania . They lead agency always attract new customers because services are quality , always at any exigencies . Our desire is to create the most ingenious deals for clients , whether individuals or corporate . +40-21-319.44.55 Bucuresti Bd. Magheru nr. 43, 010326 Bucuresti    Contact
Nordic Tours Nordic Agency Tours was founded in July 2000 , the passion for travel and Nordic countries: Norway , Sweden , Denmark, Finland , Iceland and Greenland . Our goal is to provide each customer the trip of your dreams in some of the most attractive destinations in Europe, be it the magnificent fjords of Norway, the North Cape and Islands Lofoten , the old Viking capital full of culture and history and the incredible landscapes dotted Icelandic both with volcanoes, glaciers, geysers and hot , fascinating Lapland , Finland romantic lakes or distant Greenland. +40 21 3056006 Bucuresti Str Hagi Moscu Maria, nr 1, et 1, ap 5, sect. 1, cod 011153, Bucuresti, Romania    Contact
Olimpic International Turism IOC Tourism is one of the most serious and innovative travel agencies in Romania, mainly based on tourism business. Each special program developed by us is unique. According to the participants and the objectives of your trip, we will provide specific service packages that will meet your requirements. 4021 / 3305658 VISANA 5 VISANA Str. Bl.43, Ap.66, Sect. 4; cod 040392    Contact
S.C. PARALELA 45 TURISM SRL Parallel 45 was founded in April 1990 by two friends , Alin Burcea and Adrian Grigorescu, who had worked together at ITHR guides Bucharest, between 1985 -1989 . Here they worked Ion Antonescu ( " Marshal Tourism " today ) and Sorin Nicolescu ( IOC ) . The story is beautifully presented book " Wolves youth tourism " Marian Constantinescu . +4(021) 311.19.58 Bucuresti Bucuresti, Bdul Regina Elisabeta, nr 29-31, sector 5, cod postal 050012    Contact
PRO TOURS INTERNATIONAL Established in 1999 , the company Pro Tours International offers complete business travel programs , of participating in events at home and abroad , functioning both as a business center and as an international tour operator , introducing the concept of business travel for the first time in Romania . +4021 310 28 90 Bucharest Bucharest, Cal. Victoriei, 83, Sector 1, Zip Code: 010066    Contact
SC ROMANIA INTERNATIONAL TOURING SRL Romania International Touring - is a tour operator that offers programs and stay circuit in Croatia , Greece, Turkey , Bulgaria and exotic destinations such as Costa Rica , Dominican Republic , Cuba, Jamaica , Maldives, Thailand and Disneyland , together with our partners Dertour and TUI and programs in the country - the mountains , the coast, the Danube Delta, with stock incentive , team building , conferences and symposia . +4021.260.02.96 Bucuresti B-dul Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Nr.62 , Sector 1, Bucuresti, Cod postal 011057    Contact
Simpaturism (0040) 771.230.603 Bucuresti Splaiul Unirii Nr 35, Bl. M7, Sc. 2, Et. 4,Ap. 50, Sector 3, CP: 030124, BUCURESTI    Contact
SIND ROMANIA S.R.L SIND ROMANIA is present in the main tourist resorts in the country. We have hotels and villas in : Amara , cap, Covasna , Eforie Nord, Baile Felix , Baile Govora , Olanesti , Baile Herculane, Constanta , Ocna Sugatag , Predeal, Sangeorz Bai , the resort Moldova Soveja , Worcester, Voineasa , Vidra . 021-321.17.01 Bucuresti Strada Aniversarii nr. 41, Etaj 2, Sector 3, Bucuresti Cod Postal 031463.    Contact
S.C. VISIT S.R.L. VISIT ROMANIA was founded in 1994 as a complex trade company. Based on trade most modern policy and strategy, the company reached in a short while a high turnover and a patrimony of above EUR 500.000, being ranked in "The Golden Top Five" of The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. +4021.223.2040 Bucharest 15, Petofi Sandor Street, Bucharest - ROMANIA    Contact