Sri Lanka Tour Operators

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Sri Lanka Tailor-Made 94114627739 Western Jetwing House, 5th floor,46/26 Navam Mawatha,Colombo 02,Sri Lanka. 00200,Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka    Contact
Trippers Asia(Pvt) Ltd "AYUBOWAN" It's an expression you will hear several times daily as you travel around Sri Lanka. one that will ring i your ears at night, and bring a smile to your face for weeks after you leave.Ayubowan! It means 'welcome'! And you will be. Changing the country's name from Ceylon to Sri Lanka in 1972 caused considerable confusion for foreigners. However, for the Sinhalese it has always been known as Lanka and, for the Tamils as llankai; the Ramayana, too, describes the abduction of Sita by the king of Lanka. But the island has been known by many other names. The Romans knew the island as Taprobane and Muslim traders talked of Serendib, which means 'Island of Jewels'. The word Serendib became the root of the word 'serendipity' - the art of making happy and unexpected discoveries. The Portuguese somehow twisted Sinhala-dvipa (Island of the Sinhalese) into Ceilao. In turn, the Dutch altered this to Ceylan and the British to Ceylon 94917200969 Southern Trippers Asia (pvt) Ltd, 273/A, Galle road, Hikkaduwa 80240 Hikkaduwa, Southern, Sri Lanka    Contact
Amazing Asian Tours We are specialized in formulating 'Ready Made' and 'Tailor Made' tour packages covering all the country. We offer well balance tour packages and mostly our packages end with few days at an exotic beach. We are a dedicated team got together for two reasons: 1. Offer extremely reasonable prices for all those who wish to visit Sri Lanka. 2. End the oppression of junior workers in the industry by paying extremely fair salaries thus eliminating 'rip-off' attitude practiced by many in the field. 94 11 2515926 Western No. 39/3A, Sri Siddartha Passage, Kirulapone, Colombo ? 05, Sri Lanka. Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka    Contact
Eco Team We are a small group of like-minded people with a real spirit for nature and adventure travel in SRI LANKA. With a wealth of knowledge about our wilderness, and many seasons of operating adventure and nature excursions in SRI LANKA, we know where all the exciting and unusual attractions are and how to offer you an outstanding adventure and nature holiday in Sri Lanka.The Eco team offers wildlife, nature and adventure tours all around Sri Lanka. We offer Nature and Adventure trekking, Caving, Mountain biking & Cycling, Hot air Ballooning, Nature Weddings & Honeymoon Packages, Off road 4WD adventures, Camping, Photography and filming missions, Rock climbing, Scenic rail rides, Rain forest exploration, Special Study tours of flora & fauna, Wildlife Safaris, Cultural Festivals, Kayaking/canoeing, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, Surfing, Turtle watching, Water skiing, Whale and dolphin watching, Whitewater rafting, Windsurfing, Island and deep sea fishing tours and much more. These are all off the beaten track ? reserved exclusively for the adventurous, nature loving and the wildlife enthusiast. 94(0)115830833 Western Province 20/63, Fairfield garden, Colombo 8, Sri lanka 08000 Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka    Contact
Acme Travels Not Available Why Choose ACME!Eighteen years of operations & experience.24 hours service with back up mobile number contacts.Intimate knowledge of our Destinations in AsiaA passion for service & you will never be alone for assistance at any time.For every US Dollar One hundred sale one dollar channeled for regular charitiesApproved by the Local Tourist Board & Licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority & we are members of the following prominent International Travel Associations recognized all over the world for several years(PATA) Pacific Asia travel Association (From year 2000) (ASTA) American Society of Travel Agents (From year 2002)Since Inception in 1993, we have handled thousands of clients. For the last Eighteen years we have developed a strong relationship with relevant companies and bodies in the destinations we serve , which in present is more of friendship and partnership than of business nature. This has enabled us to offer a quality & personalized service and superb value for money by putting our client?s needs first, than anything else. The dedicated and versatile team at Acme Travels are highly experienced and knowledgeable. In addition to the personalized service you are sure to receive our fast & speedy responses to all your concerns from the moment you choose us to be your preferred destination management company, our Chauffeur Guides who are very flexible and friendly will make, Touring in Sri Lanka, India or Nepal a memorable and a close to the heart experience, one you will cherish for years. This is one of the key factors for our reputation.We have a fleet of vehicles covering a wide range of Coaches, Vans & Cars. The link, Transportation in this website will provide you an idea of our transport.Our Office is located in a prominent commercial and residential area in Colombo, which is well equipped with the state of the art facilities to response to our prospective clients and the requisitions promptly with complete information. Furthermore we are 24 hours contactable making us being promptly attentive to the clients and their requirements. A client is never alone with us.CredentialsThousands of satisfied clients who enjoyed their stay with our Services.Tour Operations headed by professionals with over 25 years of experience in the Travel Trade.A dedicated staff and a dynamic management.Credibility in the local & regional hotel trade.Travel Network, linking Sri Lanka, Maldives, India, Nepal Our AmbitionTo take that extra step with our clients & provide them a complete travel solution. To exchange with you our services and experience and to provide you the best value for money. That you take the pleasant memories of our country, culture and our friendly personal services by us stretching the extra bit more than, just being a destination management company. Our clients not to be just another tourist, but to be our linkage and our agent to the next potential customers. You to decide and us to make available the complete information: Not we to decide what you should do for your holiday. Giving the best information at all times & not to try & sell what we want but what the client wants. To walk with the new technology to provide the best holiday solution as fast as possible, but not to loose the Human touch, by continuously providing personalized services. To comply with our customers? ever varying desires & to be contactable around the clock. We do not say we are the best we just say 'TRY US' Others may claim it but we stake our reputation for our services. 112596114 Western Province 246 Park Road 0005 Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka    Contact
Luxe Asia / Haridra LUXE ASIA is a regional Destination Management Company handling inbound tourists from globally generating markets in to Sri Lanka. With a strategic partnership in Maldives LUXE ASIA is capable of handling a diverse product in its destinations. Focusing on all aspects of travel, LUXE ASIA has a service concept that will be uniform to all destinations ensuring quality and consistency for all our guests. With over 20 years of trade experience in the field of tourism, the team at LUXE ASIA will be able to tailor make programmes for Tour operators and Independent travellers alike. We hope to create itineraries that will suit the needs of the traveller that will enable them to discover or even re-discover ASIA in new and exciting ways. Luxe Asia is owned by Ceylon Hotel Holdings; a leading investment group which owns and operates the iconic Galle Face Hotel Colombo (1865), Ceylon Hotels Corporation (which runs its own hotels such as The Surf and The Safari), Queens Hotel and Suisse Hotel. It has a diverse collection of over 20 properties throughout Sri Lanka. Between Galle Face Hotel, Queens Hotel, Suisse Hotel & some of the Ceylon Hotel Corporation properties, they are some of the most iconic hotels in Sri Lanka. Galle Face Hotel which was built in 1865 is the oldest colonial hotel in Asia outdating the Raffles (1887) in Singapore and the Mandarin Oriental (1879) in Bangkok. Offering a strategic synergy to Luxe Asia, Ceylon Hotel Holdings brings the strength & backing of an overall inventory of 800 rooms in Sri Lanka. This enables us the flexibility and competitive edge in the market together with the capability to offer the best value proposition to our partners. +94 115225000 Colombo East Tower, WTC, 12th Floor, Colombo , Sri Lanka    Contact
Lanka Sportreizen Not Available +94 773442055 Dehiwala Kalubowila, 29B, S De S Jayasinghe Mawatha, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka    Contact
Akquasun Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. In 2005 a remarkable partnership resulted in the transformation of the agency-supplier relationship in the tourism industry. Sujit Nair and B.A. Rahim took the bold first steps of becoming the consolidator for a destination management company (DMC) in Mauritius for the Indian market. This was the birth of the Akquasun Group, which in a few short years developed into a global destination management company. With a network of offices strategically placed throughout the world, Akquasun now caters to some of the largest emerging and established tourism markets. Aimed at streamlining its services, Akquasun Group has restructured its business globally. With a purely Business-to-Business approach, we assist tour operators and agents to offer the highest quality services in each destination we serve. With an insight in to developing market trends, Akquasun evolves to meet the demands of our customers across the globe. 94115225000 Western Province 12th Floor, East Tower, World Trade Center, Echelon Square, Colombo 01, SRI LANKA. 00100 Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka    Contact
Tangerine Tours Ltd +94 112 434506 Colombo 236 Galle Road Colombo, Sri Lanka    Contact
Journey Scapes When you entrust your holiday in Sri Lanka to JourneyScapes, you can be certain that you are in the best hands to organize tours. We are a well established Inbound Tour Operating specialist and our Senior Management counts several years? experience in the industry. Our travel consultants have traveled to every corner of our stunning country. You can be assured that we will only recommend holidays what we ourselves have experienced. This is why we have a distinct advantage in offering you unique tour programs in Sri Lanka at most reasonable prices. Due to the volume of business and our close relationships with the hotels we have competitive rates with beach resorts. We represent some of the largest tour operators in Europe, along with specialists in designer tours and we are quite aware of the needs of this customer too! We have a modern fleet of luxury vehicles ? cars, micro vans and mini buses, driven by well experienced chauffer guides. To supplement our fleet we have contracted some of the newest vehicles. Our experienced national guides speaking German, French, Italian, Russian and English have the official license issued by the Tourism Development Authority. The comments of our clients are our guarantee of excellence of our services. We are connected to the world with up to date communications systems. No one will have difficulty in reaching us either by telephone, E-mail, Skype, MSN messenger. Internally we have the latest tour operating system enabling us to give detailed response to any inquiry within 24 hours. While Holidays in Sri Lanka you are never alone! JourneyScapes, airport representative will meet you on arrival and our tour consultants will be in touch with you throughout your Holidays in Sri Lanka to ensure everything is as you wished. +94 112732903 Dehiwala No 08, 2nd Lane, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka    Contact
United Holidays The company was formed in 1995; with its aim to be one of the leading travel and tourism specialists in the industry. The brainchild of Afghar Mohideen, the company first opened its doors in 1995 as a single business entity with two divisions, consisting of a staff cadre of 5 individuals. United Holidays has today evolved into 4 independent companies with a team of 75 and it continues to grow. Innovation and commitment are the key factors for United Holidays? transformation into the company that it is today. The organisation consists of 4 independent bodies which includes United Holidays, United Air Services, Go Holidays and United Ventures. United Holidays ? Destination management and inbound tour operator United Air Services ? General Sales Agent for United Airlines and Air Canada Go Holidays ? Outbound IATA accredited travel specialist and the only partner of STA Travel and ISIC United Ventures ? Venture Capital and Investment Today, these four business units have evolved in to providing a wide scope of travel and tourism solutions to meet the ever growing demands of the market, whilst maintaining their individual brand identities. Backed by our experience and a thorough understanding of the industry, business and customer, we at United Holidays strive to provide complete value and care to each client, business partner and stakeholders alike, by becoming partners in achieving their individual and business goals. +94 115220000 Colombo Colombo 01, World Trade Center, 16-02, East Tower Colombo, Sri Lanka    Contact
MAC Travels (PVT) Ltd MAC Holdings Private Limited, A market leader in global logistics, total transportation solutions, hospitality & leisure industries, specialized in providing innovative and customized solutions from a single source. Our group?s prime business activities include travel & tourism, supply chain management, airline GSA representation, ships agency representation and Strategic Investments in exploring a variety of opportunities that avail in the region. While the organization is growing at a rapid pace in expanding its presence in the region and new verticals, the company has embarked on a 150 year history in the ships agency sector with the acquisition of Equity services Ltd, a former subsidiary of Carson Cumberbatch & Co. Ltd +94 112 309222 Colombo Colombo, Vauxhall Street, 141/9, Colombo, Sri Lanka    Contact
Island Leisure Sri Lanka, the island paradise, with its incredible range of landscape & the gentle hospitality that our nation is renowned for makes it a remarkable retreat for you. You will find the Palm-fringed golden beaches, adventure sports facilities, soothing hill country wrapped with lush greenery of tea plantations, majestic cascading waterfalls, pilgrimage sites, world heritage sites; National Parks literally within hours of each other making you stay full of variety and we at island Leisure, ensures nothing less than perfect for your stay in Sri Lanka.May you call it the ?Pearl of the Indian Ocean?, ?Paradise on Earth? or the ?Eden Gardens? Ayubowan, we welcome you to Sri Lanka, the miracle of Asia. Under the leadership & guidance of Chandana Amaradasa, Island Leisure is a group of dedicated & dynamic people with the hands on experience for over two decades in offering the perfect holidays for you & your loved ones. +94 777 733670 Colombo Model Farm Road, No 157, Colombo, Sri Lanka    Contact
Ceylon Tours Ltd Being the first and oldest also makes us the most experienced travel specialists in the country. Founded by P.A. Ediriweera in 1946 we have a rich and decorated history in creating the perfect holiday for everyone. Over our 65 years we have built a network of travel professionals around the world that are on call to provide all customer needs and we have been responsible for pioneering many developments in the local tourist industry. A member of IATA (International Air Transport Association, PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association), ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and JATA (Japan Association of Travel Agents), we were instrumental in developing the tourist industry of the Maldives and remain one of the top marketeers of Maldivian resorts. Ceylon Tours is also the appointed agent for Sri Lankan Airlines and a growing number of other international airlines that operate through Colombo. The Ceylon Tours? mission strives to provide quality and excellence to our customers in a prompt and exclusive manner. Each person is different with different preferences and different expectations and our decades of experience enable us to perfectly tailor the holidays to fit everyone?s needs. In all, we specialise in optimising everyone?s travel experience and offer a myriad of service, choices and expertise that are improving with every customer we serve. +94 11 5531611 Colombo 8A Sir Ernest De Silva Mawatha Colombo, Sri Lanka    Contact
Asian Adventures We at Asian Adventures pride ourselves on our reputation and rely on it for our business. Our dedicated & knowledgeable Travel Professionals who truly care about our clients take pride in their careers and personal achievements. Asian Adventures is a private entity with a wealth of experience in providing quality service in the in-bound travel business. Asian Adventures is always open to forming strategic Alliances with reputed Travel partners in major cities around the world to facilitate our customer's and corporate customer requirements. We are a highly motivated and dedicated team of professionals whose prime objective is to offer an impeccable level of service to all our discerning clients, in keeping with our Company policy, to go the extra mile in building personal relationships. The Management maintains a hands-on operation in all aspects of the day-to-day operation of the Company. Asian Adventures has positioned itself to serving the Western, Arabian and Eastern clientele. It is geared to accommodate the prospective and lucrative premium leisure markets and is ambitious to be a leader in the industry today and in the future. Therefore, we are constantly looking to new marketing, operational techniques and new products, with the aim of always being a step ahead of our competitors at any given time. Our target is also to gain a major premium customer share in the travel and leisure markets through innovative quality products and services. Our operations today center on providing value added services to our clients. In this context, we emphasize on proper planning and implementing strategies now, with a long term view in this fast changing industry. Asian Adventures is willing to work out different strategies to find the correct combination, to the customers requirements, which will take us to our objective in the shortest possible way, and time. The prime objective of the management is to continuously improve staff training, skills, automation, product knowledge, extensive advertising, marketing campaigns and guarantee a personal interface service with all its customers that will lead Asian Adventures to greater heights in the coming year. One of Asian Adventures business concept is to make your concerns our concerns and let our valued customers enjoy their holiday. Asian Adventures provides 24-hour service and guides its customers through any difficulty they come across. +94 1123002234 Colombo 74 A 1/1 Park Street Colombo, Sri Lanka    Contact
Walkers Tours For over 40 years we have introduced people from all over the world to the beautiful islands of Sri Lanka and Maldives. We are the ground handling agents for brands which are household names across the globe. Armed with the only Carbon neutral fleet in Asia, we have Sri Lanka largest dedicated fleet of vehicles in tourism. Reputed for unmatched quality standards, we have set the standard for unique, creative and sustainable tours. Walkers Tours is owned by Sri Lanka?s largest conglomerate John Keells Holdings PLC, which has the highest market capitalization on the Colombo Stock Exchange in excess of over USD 2 Billion. A powerhouse by itself John Keells also owns the award winning Cinnamon and Chaaya chain of hotels which are strategically located across Sri Lanka as well as the Maldives. +94 112 306706 Colombo Colombo 2, 130, Glennie Street Colombo, Sri Lanka    Contact
LOLC Leisure Not Available +94 112333320 Colombo 33, St Michel''s Road Colombo, Sri Lanka    Contact
Airwing Tours A specialist inbound tour operator, Airwing Tours is your gateway to the paradise island of Sri Lanka. Our services range from Special Interest Tours, Sports Tours, Nature Based Tours, Eco Holidays, Adventure Tours, Study Tours, Cultural Tours, Beach Holidays, Wellness Holidays, Incentive Tours, to Tailor Made Holidays for Luxury to Standard clientele. Established 15 years ago, we possess years of experience in organizing comprehensive travel packages for groups, individuals as well as families, bringing you the best tour packages in the island. With the knowledge of your special needs and requirements in mind, we offer complete holiday packages to suit every budget. A fifteen minutes drive off the Bandaranaike International airport will bring you to our main office in Negombo. Further to that we also have one of our branches in Colombo along with a travel counter at the arrival lobby in the Bandaranaike International Airport, where we assist our valuable customers on a daily basis twenty four hours a day. Ensuring that you enjoy the maximum comfort during your stay, we provide transport facilities ranging from luxury cars, vans, mini coaches, to large coaches; through which we have the capacity to facilitate the transport requirement of the individual tourist as well as large groups from the time of arrival to departure. Let us take you on a journey of discovery along our soft golden beaches, lush tropical forests, pristine hill country and the centuries old ruins built during the time of kings. +94 312236620 Negambo Negambo, 68, Colombo Road, Negambo, Sri Lanka    Contact
The Blue Water Situated only 27 km from the island?s capital of Colombo, in the coastal town of Wadduwa, The Blue Water Beach Resort in Sri Lanka marries luxury and comfort with iconic scenery and endless tropical hospitality. Being a family run hotel, The Blue Water Hotel has a unique culture of embracing staff and guests alike, with many of the existing staff being part of the extended family since the hotels inception. Designed by the iconic Geoffrey Bawa, with its opening in 1997, The Blue Water Hotel epitomizes the arresting beauty of its surrounding, with water being the recurrent theme of the hotel and its name sake. Cascading ponds, fountains and waterways dot the exterior of the hotel, with the Sri Lanka beach resort?s giant swimming pool winding through the main lobby area and through to the fabulous manicured gardens underneath the coconut palms. With luxurious accommodation , best restaurant in Sri Lanka with outstanding cuisine, a world class spa and unparalleled service, The Blue Water Hotel offers up the ultimate tropical Wadduwa holiday getaway resort. +94 773649290 Colombo Off Alfread Avenue, 2, Dharmaraja Mawatha ,Colombo , Sri Lanka    Contact
Hawk Travels Hawk Travels was established as a Travel Agency in 1978 in Colombo ? Sri Lanka and now has become a leading force in the Travel & Tourism Industry. We handle Airline Tickets as well as In-Bound and Out Bound Tours with highly qualified and experienced staff in the tourism industry. Today we handle a vast variety of tours catering mainly to the EU. Our tours are attractively priced and popular amongst holidaymakers. +94 112323072 Colombo Colombo 02, Parsons Rd, 20, Regent Bklg, Colombo, Sri Lanka    Contact
Asian Exotica Explore a land of unexpected treasures. A land where wonders never cease and experiences like no other await you. Exciting attractions, great accommodation and unforgettable journeys are all yours. Come discover Sri Lanka with us. An exotic tropical island in the heart of the Indian Ocean, ours is a land of treasures in many a form. The travelers of old sailed from far in search of spices, gems and more. The conquering colonists found a land of riches where crops flourished and centuries later their legacies still remain. Today, visitors are drawn not just to the sun kissed beaches, but to our splendid diversity in culture, nature, traditions, beauty, healing and a myriad other attractions. All of these are yours to experience when you choose to explore Sri Lanka with us. Welcome to Asian Exotica ? take a journey through our website and let us make your holiday dreams come true. +94 2391801 Colombo No 28 St. Michaels Rd, BOC Merchant Tower ,Colombo, Sri Lanka    Contact
Gulliver's Travels +94 112678452 Colombo Baudhaloka Mawatha, 410/101A, Colombo , Sri Lanka    Contact
Vacation Sri Lanka Group 94412266220 Southern 36,Pavillion Building, Galle 8000 Galle, Southern, Sri Lanka    Contact
Leisure Tours Sri Lanka Best deals for Sri Lanka holiday tour packages, Sri Lanka tours, all types of Sri Lanka hotels, beach hotels and Ayurveda hotels in Sri Lanka. 94716290739 Western Province 282 Rajagiriya Road Rajagiriya. Sri Lanka. 10100 Rajagiriya, Western Province, Sri Lanka    Contact
Sri Lanka Holiday Tours Sri Lanka Tours & travel packages from Sri Lanka Holiday. sri lanka private tour specialist, Sri Lanka holiday tours you can be customized. 94716290739 Rajagiriya 282 1/1 Rajagiriya Road Rajagiriya. Sri Lanka 10100 Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka    Contact
Seasons Worldwide. Seasons Worldwide Tours is a tour operator, who is specialized in arranging of Luxury & Economy tour packages in Sri Lanka. Our services are planned to suit all travelling styles, ambitions and needs: from the simple traveler to those who are in pursuit of luxury and style, we can make it happen. 94352264556 Sabaragamuwa Province 169, Mawanella Road, Rambukkana 71100 Rambukkana, Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka    Contact
Aitkenspence Travels As Sri Lanka?s leading Destination Management Company, we provide worldwide principals the opportunity to experience the best of Sri Lanka. We are equipped with perhaps the finest resources and proven abilities to offer the best value propositions to our partners. Our service covers all aspects of Destination Management and is backed by a reputation of being the most professional in the business. +94 112308308 Colombo 305 Vauxhall Street Colombo , Sri Lanka    Contact
Sri Lanka Tour Operator Thanks !!! +9477342929 colombo colombo SRI LANKA    Contact
DON VOYAGE We the "Splendid Sri Lanka" team consists of members who have fitted in to place to complete an efficient mechanisam that serves and caters to the needs of tourists who wish to make a tour of Sri Lanka with the efficiebcy , Knowledge, vision and courteous service "Splendid Sri Lanka" has earned its name due to our thoroughly satisfied clients who dont want to remain silent. 00 94 11 4 44 94 20 Colombo 04 82/1/3, Galle Road, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka.    Contact
Adventure Lanka Tours it was October 2001, when two brothers sat talking about starting a holiday company in Sri Lanka. For the younger brother Rajiv all he wanted to do was buy a Van and tour the country with clients showing them the real Sri Lanka. + 94 777 880152, +94 11 2 364363 Nelson Place, 00600 Adventure Lanka Tours (Pvt) Ltd 48, Nelson Place, 00600, Sri Lanka    Contact
Dream Vacations Tourslanka is a specialist incoming Sri Lanka tour operator providing tailor-made tours. We are independently owned and have been in business since 1999. 9411 5050603 Rajagiriya C/o Dream Vacations (Pvt) Ltd., 288/12T Royal Gardens, Rajagiriya Sri Lanka    Contact
JF Tours & Travels JF Tours & Travels is a travel company incorporated in Sri Lanka and licensed by the Sri Lanka Tourism Board as a tour operator, since 1978. Our experience and professionalism has been well established over the past two decades due to the high quality of service provided to our customers. (+94) 11 2587996 Colombo 05 JF Tours & Travels (Cey) Ltd No. 58 Havelock Road Colombo 05 Sri Lanka    Contact
Orient Tours Orient Tours offers unique group tours and vacation travel packages from sightseeing to wildlife to wilderness trips. Themes include history, pilgrim, hiking, canoeing & cycling to camping. +94 (0)11 2 554 874 +94 (0)11 2 583 597 Colombo 05, Orient Tours, No. 81/9A, Isipathana Mawatha, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.    Contact
Aitken Spence Travels Possessing over 37 years of experience, Aitken Spence Travels is acknowledged as the preferred partner in Destination Management in Sri Lanka and continues to afford the most sought after inbound and outbound travel packages to the ardent traveller of today. +94 11 2308308 / +94 77 7226285 Colombo 02, 4th Floor, Aitken Spence Tower 2, 315, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.    Contact
Nature Odyssey Nature Odyssey was created to focus totally on developing, designing and operating Nature and Adventure travel. ( 0094 ) 11 2306445 / 2306360 Colombo 02 #117, Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 02, (Cinnamon Lakeside premises) Sri Lanka.    Contact
Summer Voyages Our mission is to focus totally on our customers to Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to deliver the best holiday experience that you have always dreamed of with the best service, and tailor made personal attention desired in the tourism industry. +94 777 588 819 Beddagana : 133/14B, Duwa Road, Beddagana, Kotte. Sri Lanka    Contact
Wayfarers Wayfarers Ltd, is a Sri Lankan family Company, staffed by service oriented personnel who continue to carry on the age old Sri Lankan tradition of treating every visitor with kindness, friendship and hospitality. (94 11) 2324343, (94 11) 4717487 Colombo 03 Wayfarers Ltd, 6, Boyd Place, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka    Contact
Superlink Tours Established in 1983 under the Chairmanship of Mr Rodney J Koelmeyer, the Company has grown into a success story winning prestigious awards in Sri Lanka & Overseas. +94 11 257 3767, +94 11 257 5698 Colombo 03 ‘Lucky Plaza’ 70, Kollupitiya Lane, Colombo 03    Contact
Aloys Travels Service (Pvt) Ltd An experience that's hard to forget, At Aloy's Travel Services we strive to make your holiday a truly memorable and unforgettable one. Our dedicated and experienced staff will go that extra mile for you. 94777779399 Mabola, Wattala. Aloy's Travel Services (PVT) Ltd No. 66, Bangalawatta Road, Mabola, Wattala. Sri Lanka.    Contact
Asian Exotica Pvt Ltd Explore a land of unexpected treasures. A land where wonders never cease and experiences like no other await you. Exciting attractions, great accommodation and unforgettable journeys are all yours. Come discover Sri Lanka with us. (+94) 11 2580207 / 8 Colombo 03 Asian Exotica (Pvt) Ltd. No. 56 A, School Lane, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka    Contact
Blue Lotus Tours We are a group of veteran world travellers, having traveled widely for business, and pleasure. We formed Blue Lotus Tours because we understand the rigours of travelling, and the pleasure of having the ultimate travel experience. +94 (0)114 947 007 colombo 02 Blue Lotus Tours (Pvt), Ltd. Address: No: 15b, perahera mawatha, colombo 02    Contact
Sunway Holidays Sunway Holidays, is a subsidiary company of “Sunway International (Pvt.) Ltd. “, and a member of the Sunway Group of Companies, is a Sri Lankan based total Destination Management Company, consist of a Travel Agency, Tour Operator Department & an Air Ticketing Agency. 0094 777393868 Negombo Sunway House, 25 Kimbulapitiya Road, Negombo. Sri Lanka    Contact
Walk with Jith With more than 10 years of experience, Walk With Jith is a tour operating company in Sri Lanka which organizes culture, bird watching, wildlife, whale watching, safari, nature photography, honeymoon and other types of tours and holidays. Walk With Jith team consists of well-rounded cultural tour guides, expert birding tour guides and wild life guides, all licensed from Sri Lanka Tourist board. 0094 11 2 791946 Malabe 778 / B, Millagahawatta Road, Malabe, Sri Lanka    Contact
A BAUR & CO (TRAVEL) LTD Baurs was established in 1897 in Colombo and employs over 800 people in the various segments of the Company - Import, Export, Distribution, Manufacturing and Agency Business in Agriculture, Healthcare, Industrial Raw Materials, Exports, Airlines, Travel, Optics, Machinery and Engineering. +94-11-4732600 Colombo 1 A. Baur & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd P.O. Box 11 5, Upper Chatham Street Colombo 1 Sri Lanka    Contact
ACME TRAVEL (PVT) LTD A comprehensive tour of Sri Lanka the pearl of the Indian Ocean with a few days set apart for relaxation at the beach. +94 (0)11 4527575 +94 (0)11 2596114 Colombo 05 Acme Travels (Pvt) Ltd, #246, Park Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.    Contact
ASIAN ADVENTURES TRAVEL MANAGEMENT CO. PVT LTD We at Asian Adventures pride ourselves on our reputation and rely on it for our business. Our dedicated & knowledgeable Travel Professionals who truly care about our clients take pride in their careers and personal achievements. + 94 (0) 11 230 0223 + 94 (0) 11 230 0224 + 94 (0) 11 230 0225 Colombo 02 74 A 1/1, Park Street Colombo 02, Sri lanka    Contact
ASIAN WINGS (PVT) LTD Asian Wings is a small versatile Travel Agency established in 1989 approved by Sri Lanka Tourist Board. Specializes in Inbound Tours, Tailor made Tours, Incentive Tours, Superior/ Standard Tours to cover Culture, Nature, Trekking, Bird Watching, Wild Life, Adventure, Camping, Plantations and Special Packages – Wellness – Ayurveda, Wedding / Honeymoon, Religious Festival and Beach Holidays. 0094-11-2335056 / 5370931/2 Colombo - 02 Asian Wings (Pvt) Ltd 64, W.A.D. Ramanayaka Mawatha, Colombo - 02, Sri Lanka    Contact
Bernard Tours & Travel Bernard Tours started as a family business over 35yrs ago offeringspecialized travel servicesfor guests in Sri Lanka. Our aim was to provide a central platform from which our guests could benefit from our indepth knowledge of even the most interior parts of the Island besides those better known tourist areas. +94 11 401 4205 Colombo 1 Bernard Tours (Pvt) Ltd 86 - 2/1, Chatham Street, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka.    Contact
Connaissance Holdings As a traveller, you will get the pleasure and comfort to enjoy travel in Sri Lanka, with our valuable services like luxury hotels, comfortable vehicles, experienced tour guides etc. +94 11 47 06 400 Colombo 01 Connaissance De Ceylan Level 12-02, East Tower, World Trade Center Echelon Square Colombo 01 SRI LANKA    Contact
Delair Travels To continuously pursue business growth & ensure optimum returns to our stakeholders whilst being a responsible corporate citizen. +94 11 2693361 – 8 / +94 11 7729229 Colombo 10 No. 101, Vinayalankara Mawatha , Colombo 10.    Contact
Jetwing Travels Paradise is still the most commonly used word to describe Sri Lanka – a lush, tropical island of golden beaches and brilliant blue waters. We are famed for the amazing diversity of our culture, +94-77-726 5746 Colombo 02 "Jetwing House I ", 46/26, Navam Mawatha, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.    Contact
Nkar Travel & Tours NKAR Travels & Tours (Pvt ) Ltd. is happy to invite you on an unforgettable holiday in Sri Lanka, one of the most ancient and captivating countries in the world. If you are an avid traveler with a passion for unique cultures, (+94 11)2564584 Colombo 07, Nkar Travels & Tours (Pvt) Ltd, 45, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.    Contact
Silverline Tours We create holiday solutions based entirely on our customer's unique requirements – including planning itineraries, creating new and exciting holiday packages, recommending and booking hotel reservations inbound or outbound, recommending and booking activities and attractions in chosen holiday destination and organising internal travel needs (luxury private cars/mini-coaches/vans) +94.777.823.146 Colombo 8 No.1012, Maradana Road Borella - Colombo 8 Sri Lanka    Contact
People's Travels (Pvt) Ltd People’s Travels (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of the People’s Bank, a renowned Government Bank in Sri Lanka, commenced its business operations in 1993. People's Bank, as the pulse of the people, +94 112 396 296/ 2 478 385 /2 332747 Colombo 10 59, D.R. Wijewardane Mawatha, Colombo 10    Contact
Tourama (Private) Ltd Tourama is incorporated under the Companies Act No 7 of 2007 as a Limited Liability Company. The company was registered on January 17 2004, and started operations on 23 January 2004, on Level 3 of the Autodrome Building. (+94 11) 2326181 Colombo 2 Tourama (Pvt) Ltd 3/1, 304 Union Place, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka.    Contact
Travel Arcade (Pvt) Ltd Over three decades Travel Arcade has won the confidence of countless customers who seek nothing but the best in travel services. +94 112 591 290 / 91 / 92 Colombo 5 102, Havelock Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.    Contact
Travel Data Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd Travel Data Tours & Travels (Pvt.) Limited has been in the industry for nearly three decades, we offer you a one stop shop for all your travel needs. Planning, consulting to executing and delivering a reliable service to all our valued clients by being a step ahead in the industry. +94 (0) 114 872 835 / +94 (0) 114 384 063 Colombo 03 No 61 , Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha Colpitty, Colombo 03    Contact
Traveller Global Destinations & Leisure Holidays (Pvt) Ltd As a country blessed with incomparable natural charm, as well a rich cultural heritage spanning nearly 3 millennia, Sri Lanka possesses immense potential for inbound tourism. +94 777 287 877, +94 773 028 732 377A Galle Raod Colombo 03 TRAVELLER GLOBAL DESTINATIONS & LEISURE HOLIDAYS PVT Ltd 377A Galle Raod Colombo 03    Contact
Upuls Travels (Pvt) Ltd We will offer you substantial savings without sacrificing the service and we take care of all the details in a professional way. +94-11-2504024/2504025 Colombo 4 20 B, Ashoka Garden, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka    Contact
Blue Fly (Pvt) Limited Allow Blue Fly to view your travel program today. Email me to : Call me directly on : +94777070477 or +94 11 2838886 Best Regards, Priyantha Liyanage CEO +94 77 749 8311 / +94 11 283 8886 Colombo No 214, High-level Road, Maharagama, Colombo, Sri Lanka.    Contact