Venezuela Tour Operators

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Jakera Jakera Tours started life as an adventure travel outfitter in the mid-90's. Founder Chris Patterson had worked his way across the Caribbean and was looking for an exiciting base to set up his own business and make a home. He was amazed by the incredible diversity offered in Venezuela - a country where you can go ice climbing all year round in the Venezuelan Andes OR enjoy pristine sunkissed beaches and azure Caribbean waters OR hike in the most amazing terrain of the Gran Sabana OR kayak deep into the Orinoco Delta with lush primary jungle bursting with wildlife overhead ALL THE TIME being wrapped in a vibrant South American culture including encounters with indigenous peoples living a life we have long forgotten +58 (274) 2529577 Estado Merida Calle 24 #8-205, Plaza Las Heroínas, Mérida, Estado Mérida, Venezuela.    Contact